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We focus on

Accelerated Growth

To ensure our children are prepared for college, career, and life

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Our School Portfolio

Education for Change is a unique charter management in that we manage a portfolio of neighborhood schools. Our schools each have unique programming and grade configurations but share resources and best practices to ensure all EFC schools are positioned to engage students meaningfully and accelerate their academic learning.

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serves TK-5 students in the Fruitvale neighborhood. Serving a significant immigrant, international, Mam, Arabic and Spanish-speaking community, Achieve is a full service community school with an on-site health clinic, family resource center, and multilingual staff to ensure all our students and families are able to accel and thrive.

Achieve Academy 


is a TK-8 school in the Fruitvale neighborhood implementing an expeditionary learning and arts integrated program. The mission of ASCEND is to close the achievement gap in Oakland. To make a positive difference in the lives of young people, ASCEND offers engaging and rigorous instruction and build strong relationships between parents, teachers/staff, students and community.



is a TK-5 school in East Oakland providing rigorous instruction in the core content areas while fostering critical thinking, problem solving and application of learning to prepare students for success in higher education. Cox is committed to creating student leaders who are stewards of the greater community. Cox focuses on the whole child by providing a systemic wrap-around program focused with a comprehensive system of supports and interventions for children and families.


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is EFC’s first high school and opened Fall 2018 with an initial 9th grade class. Latitude High 37.8 has a saying: “Oakland is our home. The Bay Area is our extended classroom.” A learner-centered environment, Latitude integrates the many assets in the greater Bay Area into rigorous, student-driven project-based learning and illuminates the world of possibility and opportunity to their young adults.

Latitude 37.8 High School


is a TK-8th grade school in the Fruitvale offering an unrivaled Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math (STEAM) program, allowing our students to become scientists, engineers, and artists at school.
Lazear students experience a nurturing environment with committed staff who strive to ensure that they succeed and grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Our school community is made up of highly qualified teachers and staff, engaged and active parents and families, and students who work collaboratively to build 21st Century Skills.

Lazear Charter Academy

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is a TK-5 school in the Fruitvale neighborhood that believes strongly in the balance between constructivist learning and knowledge-based learning using culturally relevant pedagogy.
Learning Without Limits dedicates tremendous resource to teacher support and training to ensure all classrooms are warm, engaged, and rigorous spaces where children can thrive.

Learning Without Limits

Our Approach

Our Vision is that EFC students challenge the predictable patterns of performance and access to opportunity in this country by demonstrating the essential academic competencies, personal agency, and integrated identity necessary to be prepared for a meaningful and productive life.

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All children will learn and achieve at high levels if given the opportunity.

ASCEND K-8 recognized by Ed Trust West and the CORE Districts for three years of accelerated growth in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. 


Achieve Academy, and Lazear Charter Academy recognized for one year of accelerated growth in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.


Lazear Charter Academy recognized by Innovate Public Schools as one of eight Bay Area middle school programs for high academic performance in English Language Arts.

Join The Change!

Education for Change seeks teacher, educators & mentors who are passionate about engaging traditionally underserved students in meaningful and rigorous learning experiences, as well as approaching their practice with an inquiry stance. All in partnership with families.

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