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EFC seeks teachers who are passionate about engaging traditionally underserved students in meaningful and rigorous learning experiences, collaboratively approaching their practice with an inquiry stance, and working in partnership with families

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How to Get a Teaching Credential

There are a wide variety of teacher credential programs to meet a variety of schedule and financial needs. Here’s a summary of programs last updated February 2018. In some instances, you can teach for a limited time without going through an internship credential program. Please see below for details.

There are some teaching positions in charter schools that do not require a teaching credential (PE, Engineering, Design, Technology, Visual Arts, Music). However, enrollment in a credential program will teach participants key strategies for classroom management, lesson design, and learning theory. Therefore, we highly encourage all our teachers to pursue a credential.

Credential programs can be in class, online, or hybrid and are typically 1 – 2 years in length. The most common types of programs are:


Participants in traditional programs are enrolled in classes while simultaneously completing an unpaid student teaching assignment.

Participants gain experience through student teaching placements with a Mentor Teacher in at least 2 different public schools.

Participants in residency programs are enrolled in classes while simultaneously working as a paid part-time resident teacher under the guidance of a mentor teacher of record.

EFC residents’ work schedules are designed to accommodate credential program classes and requirements.

EFC residents receive support from a full-time credentialed mentor teacher, as well as their credential program supervisor.


Participants in intern programs are enrolled in classes while simultaneously working as the paid teacher of record in a public school.

In-person and online intern program classes take place on evenings and weekends in order to accommodate the work schedule of the full-time teacher.

EFC interns receive support from a full-time induction coach, as well as their credential program supervisor.