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Lazear Charter Academy: Igniting Minds, Inspiring Futures


Lazear Charter Academy stands as a beacon of educational excellence, dedicated to empowering students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a dynamic world. As a cherished member of the Oakland community, Lazear Charter Academy fosters a strong sense of belonging and collaboration among students, families, and staff.

Why Choose Lazear Charter Academy?

🌟 Empowerment through Rigorous Academics: At Lazear Charter Academy, education is not just a pursuit; it's an opportunity for transformation. The academy is committed to providing a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges and engages students, preparing them for the complexities of our ever-evolving society.

🌟 Cultivating Character, Fostering Leadership: Beyond academics, Lazear Charter Academy places a strong emphasis on character development and leadership. The academy's holistic approach ensures that students not only excel academically but also grow into compassionate, responsible, and visionary individuals.

🌟 Engaged Learning, Connected Community: Lazear Charter Academy thrives on engaged learning experiences, connecting classroom teachings to real-world applications. The academy's community-centered approach fosters strong relationships between educators, families, and students, creating a supportive environment for growth and achievement.


At Lazear Charter Academy, education is a journey that opens doors to new possibilities. By becoming a part of this dynamic community, you're embarking on a path where learning is a catalyst for personal and collective advancement.

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Address: 824 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601

Phone: 510-689-2000

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