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Multi-Tiered System of Supports

EFC is committed to serving ALL students, regardless of need. Our approach addresses the diverse needs of our students by offering a myriad of program designs to meet individual need.  We offer inclusion, resource instruction, combined programs that include both inclusive and small group instruction, and specialized programs for students with autism, those in need of emotional supports, and students with more moderate needs.

Utilizing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports, our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to analyze and problem solve around student and staff needs. We employ a whole child approach that not only meets the basic needs of our students, but also takes into consideration their socio-emotional, academic and behavioral needs.

We believe in the integration of general education and special education. Our special education staff is integrated with the general education team, newcomer English language learner team, and after school staff.  Additionally,  we collaborate with on-site community partners to provide wrap-around services to all students.

To meet the mental health needs of our families, we are continuing our partnership with Seneca Family Agencies, who are staples in the Oakland community in specializing in mental health support.  


“We’re looking for innovators and pioneers who want the flexibility and space to innovate. We’re an inquiry-oriented organization. When we don’t see adequate growth, we innovate. Our goal is to figure out how to do this really, really well – not just be compliant and follow the law. Until we’re there, the work isn’t done.”

– Hae-Sin Thomas

Former Administrator and SPED Teacher

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