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We offer six high-achieving schools in East Oakland:
Achieve Academy, ASCEND, Cox Academy, Lazear Charter Academy, Latitude, and Learning Without Limits.

All are FREE, public schools that operate independently of Oakland Unified School District.
All provide highly qualified teachers, rigorous academic programs, well-rounded after-school programs, excellent special education services, and comprehensive wrap-around programs to support the whole child and family.


Approaching Key Dates

Student Enrollment Process

2023-2024 School Year


EFC applications open November 14, 2022, for the 2023-2024 school year. Be sure to apply by the February 3, 2023 deadline!
Education for Change Oakland Public Schools is proud to partner with Oakland Enrolls to help you choose the best Oakland public charter school for your child. EFC schools are public schools, FREE and open to all students. English language learners and students with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Get started now at and don't forget to apply by the February 3, 2023 deadline! 

School-Based Lotteries

The application deadline for all EFC schools for the 2023-2024 school year is February 3, 2023. Applications received by this deadline will be included in our public lottery, held on Wednesday, March 8th.



On Thursday, March 9, 2023, you will see your charter school lottery results (OFFER or WAITLIST) in your online (Oakland Enrolls Schoolmint) student dashboard and at that time you can ACCEPT or DECLINE an offer.

Accept Offer Deadline
The deadline to ACCEPT/DECLINE a charter school offer is March 23, 2023. If you do not accept by this date, your charter school lottery offer(s) will expire. Once you accept an offer, offers from other Oakland charter schools will be automatically declined. You can remain on waitlists but may only accept an offer at one school.


Late Applications  
If you miss the February 3, 2023 application deadline, you will still be able to submit an online application for the 2023-2024 school year. Charter school applications submitted after the February 3, 2023 deadline will be considered a Late Application - you will be placed on a waiting list at each of your selected schools, and/or offered enrollment if space becomes available. 


Current Students
If you already attend an EFC school, you do not need to apply to attend the same school next year. 

Proceso de Inscripción 
Año Escolar 2023-2024


Las solicitudes de las escuelas públicas charter de Oakland se abren el 14 de noviembre de 2022 para el año escolar 2023-2024. ¡Asegúrese de enviar su solicitud antes de la fecha límite del 3 de febrero de 2023! Education For Change se enorgullece de asociarse con Oakland Enrolls para ayudarle a elegir la mejor escuela pública charter de Oakland para su hijo/hija. todas las escuelas de EFC son públicas, GRATUITAS y abiertas para todos los estudiantes. Se anima a los estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés y los estudiantes con discapacidades a solicitar. ¡Comience ahora en y no se olvide de enviar su solicitud antes de la fecha límite del 3 de febrero de 2023!

Loterías Escolares

La fecha límite de solicitar para las escuelas de EFC para el año escolar 2023-2024 es el 3 de febrero de 2023.

Las solicitudes recibidas antes de esta fecha límite se incluirán en nuestra lotería pública, que se llevará a cabo el miércoles 8 de marzo.


Ofertas/Lista de Espera

El jueves 9 de marzo, 2023 usted podrá ver los resultados de la lotería de su escuela charter (OFERTA o LISTA DE ESPERA) en su tablero estudiantil en línea y en ese momento podrá ACEPTAR o RECHAZAR una oferta.

Fecha Límite Para Aceptar Oferta

La fecha límite para ACEPTAR/RECHAZAR una oferta de escuela chárter es el 23 de marzo de 2023. Si no acepta antes de esta fecha, su(s) oferta(s) de lotería de escuela charter vencerán. Una vez que acepte una oferta, las ofertas de otras escuelas se rechazará automáticamente. Puede permanecer en las listas de espera, pero solo puede aceptar la oferta de una escuela charter.

Solicitudes tardías 

Si no cumple con la fecha límite de solicitud del 3 de febrero de 2023, aún podrá enviar una solicitud en línea para el año escolar 2023-2024. Las solicitudes charter enviadas después de la fecha límite del 3 de febrero de 2023 se considerarán Solicitudes Tardías: se le colocará en la lista de espera en cada una de las escuelas seleccionadas y/o se le ofrecerá matriculación si hay espacio disponible.

Estudiantes Actuales

Si ya asiste a una de nuestras escuelas no necesita presentar una solicitud para asistir nuevamente el próximo año.

3 Ways to Enroll


1. Online/Smartphone: Visit to electronically submit your application.

2. In-person: Visit the school of your choice and receive hands on support completing the application.

3. Phone: Give us a call our Enrollment Specialist -Areli- will be more than happy to assist you.

Areli Porras-Pozos 510-246-2153

Stay tuned or follow us on Facebook,

Admissions Preferences

On-Time Applicants & Late Applicants receive different priorities based on their application and status. These priorities are known as preferences in a public random lottery that occurs every enrollment season where there are more applicants than spots available. 

At Achieve Academy and Cox Academy the following absolute preferences will be employed during a public random lottery:

  • First, siblings of existing students (living at the same address) will be offered a space.

  • Second, children of the respective school’s educators, administrators, and staff will be offered a space.

  • Third, residents within the Oakland Unified School District will be offered a space.


At ASCEND, Lazear, and Learning Without Limits, siblings of existing students at the respective school (living at the same address) will be exempted from the lottery. The following weighted numerical preferences will be employed during a public random lottery:

  • Applicants who reside in the former OUSD attendance boundary of the school will be given a 5:1 preference.

  • Applicants who reside within Oakland Unified School District will be given a 10:1 preference.

  • Applicants who live outside of Oakland will be given a 1:1 preference.


Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is now offered at Achieve Academy, ASCEND, Cox Academy*, Lazear Charter Academy and Learning Without Limits for children who are four and turn five between September 2nd and April 2nd.

*Pre-K at Cox Academy is offered in Partnership with Kidango.

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