Hands On, Real World Learning

EFC is excited to open a new innovative High School to serve the Oakland community. Working with community partners, EFC designed Latitude to facilitate relevant and experiential learning for all students.

Latitude High 37.8 has a saying: “Oakland is our home. The Bay Area is our extended classroom.” A learner-centered environment, Latitude integrates the many assets in the greater Bay Area into rigorous, student-driven project-based learning and illuminates the world of possibility and opportunity to their young adults.

From the time they are 9th graders, students visit over ten different workplaces every year to ignite their career interests and to collaborate with professionals on Real World Projects. All students participate in Extended Learning Opportunities, including internships and student-designed businesses. Latitude graduates are confident leaders, prepared for college and beyond.

After a 3-year design journey, Latitude opened August 2018! To learn more about Latitude, please visit latitudehigh.org!

Authorized by: California Department of Education

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