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Dear Education Reform Allies,


Our vision for EFC students is to challenge the predictable patterns of performance and access to opportunity in this country by demonstrating the essential academic competencies, personal agency, and integrated identity necessary to be prepared for a meaningful and productive life.


Towards that vision, Education for Change had an incredible year in 2017-18, and we want to share the following highlights –

  • We launched our first high school – Latitude 37.8 – serving 55 ninth graders this year and growing to 450 over 6 years. This school was launched and is being led by experienced school leaders from High Tech High and has been named one of 19 XQ Super Schools nationally – schools that are rethinking high school and reimagining how to better leverage the assets in our communities to make high school learning more authentic, empowering and rigorous!

  • All six of our preK-8 schools saw accelerated growth in English Language Arts(ELA) and Mathematics, as measured by the state’s new rigorous assessments. To highlight this achievement, EFC schools saw 24 points of growth in Math and 22 points in ELA as compared to OUSD which experienced 2 and 4 points of growth respectively. By middle school, EFC students outperform OUSD students in both ELA and Math although 90% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch as compared to 77% in OUSD.

  • As a result of our Early Literacy initiative, we saw almost 80% of kindergarten students go to first grade reading at grade level, doubling performance from 2017.

We have had an even stronger start this school year, building on our successes from last year.


Any amount you can share will make a powerful difference in the lives and futures of our most vulnerable children. In a country where we are increasingly polarized and pitted against each other, our most strategic move for long-term success is to invest in our children. Can we depend on you to help us ensure every child regardless of zip code, race, socio-economic status, language, or parent education level has the opportunity to access a quality education and realize their promise? We are grateful for donations of any amount.


Please use the button above or this link or the attached form to make a tax-deductible gift.

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