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Cox Academy: Where Individual Greatness Shines, and Collective Excellence Thrives

Cox Academy is not just a school; it flourishes as a vibrant community that brings together dedicated educators, engaged families, and aspiring students all bound by a shared dedication to achieving unparalleled excellence in education. As an esteemed charter school authorized by the Alameda County Office of Education, our unwavering commitment to educational distinction sets us apart.


A beacon of transformative education, Cox Academy stands at the forefront, guided by the resounding motto, "Great on Our Own, Best Together." Nestled in the dynamic East Oakland community, Cox Academy is an esteemed TK-5 school renowned for its commitment to fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and the practical application of knowledge.  With a mission to prepare students for success in higher education and beyond, Cox Academy empowers scholars to become agents of positive change.

Why Choose Cox Academy?


🌟 Excellence in Education: The school is renowned for its rigorous curriculum, which comprehensively covers core subjects, fostering a deep love for learning and ensuring that students attain mastery across essential fields.

🌟 Holistic Development: Cox Academy takes pride in nurturing student leaders who excel not only academically but also as socially conscious individuals. The holistic approach extends beyond academics, embracing character development and community stewardship.

🌟 Comprehensive Support: Acknowledging the unique potential of each child, Cox Academy's dedicated teachers and staff work harmoniously with students and families to craft tailored plans, ensuring both academic and social triumph.

Discover the transformative journey of Cox Academy and be part of the mission


Contact Us

Address: 9860 Sunnyside Street, Oakland, CA 94603

Phone: 510-904-6300

Fax: 510-904-6329


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