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At Cox Academy, we view your child as a scholar for change.


Cox Academy is a PreK-5 school in East Oakland providing rigorous instruction in the core content areas while fostering critical thinking, problem solving and application of learning to prepare students for success in higher education.

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Cox is committed to creating student leaders who are stewards of the greater community.  Cox focuses on the whole child by providing a systemic wrap-around program focused with a comprehensive system of supports and interventions for children and families.

At Cox Academy we understand that every child is different and unique.  Teachers and staff work collaboratively with each other, our students and their families to ensure that students have targeted plans to move them to success, academically and socially! Scholars at Cox Academy benefit from a rich and engaging academic program that moves them towards mastery across core subject areas.  Additionally, the Cox student has the opportunity to develop skills in organization, leadership, and stewardship that will prove to be beneficial in college and beyond.   Students at Cox have a network of support – parents, educators, community partners, and staff – who are intentional about working together to maximize student success!

A charter school authorized by the Alameda County Office of Education


Address: 9860 Sunnyside Street, Oakland, CA 94603

Phone Number: 510-904-6300

Fax Number: 510-904-6329

Principal:Omar Currie,

Site Operation Manager:

Sophia Ramirez,

SY22/23 School Calendar

SY23-24 School Calendar - NEW!

ELO-P Plan

Family Engagement Policy

Covid-19 Safety Plan

EFC Suicide Prevention Policy

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